Silent Line Yachting

Design Stage:

Important decisions are made in the Design Stage (Builders Specification) related to noise and vibration control. For this reason it is of utmost importance that we get involved in this stage related to:

  • Achievable (project based) noise and vibration levels
  • Which insulation materials to use
  • Noise and Vibration Control related to main sound sources such as main engines, gearboxes, propellers, generator sets etc.
  • Cabin-to-Cabin noise (acoustic privacy)

Noise Control

Active noise control is most important in order to minimize the amount of insulation materials. Reduce the noise (structure- borne and air-borne noise) at the sound source itself other than installing “unnecessary” insulation materials.

Silent Line Engineering Department is capable of providing you the following services:

  • Noise related studies concerning main and secondary machinery
  • Detailed insulation / Installation plans (AutoCAD drawings)
  • Noise prediction by Computer Simulation
  • Cabin-to-Cabin studies
  • HVAC (Air conditioning) studies

Vibration Control:

Finite Element Analysis is an important (computer) tool in order to avoid resonance and achieve low vibration levels. The most important ship structures are modeled and the outcome is reflected against disturbing frequencies emitted by main sound sources.

Pressure fluctuation emitted by propulsion propellers, elastic mounting systems and other studies are important (active vibration control) is part of our vibration related studies.

Cabin-to-Cabin Noise:

Acoustic privacy is an important topic for the nowadays Yacht Owner’s. We received various International Awards Designing the quietest Yachts ever built so far. We are aiming for noise levels below 30 dB (A) at anchor condition (air conditioning and generator set(s) operational) in which cabin-to-cabin noise becomes extremely important.

Silent Line Engineering Department is capable of providing you all required studies, designs and consultancy in order to enjoy your luxury in silence.